“We pick the grapes by hand and vinify each vineyard in separate tanks, block by block, to boost, check, and verify the complexity of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In this way, we use the winery to reveal the terroir of each vineyard.”

Guillaume Large, Winemaker at Résonance


Our winemaking approach is about having a good knowledge of the best of a vineyard’s terroir with minimal intervention in the winery. Our attention to detail requires openness as well as experience, both traits found in our winemakers, Guillaume Large and Jacques Lardière. Only through curiosity can we transmit what the soil has given us to the glass.


The winemaking is simple at Résonance. We pick the grapes when they are ripe, but not too ripe, and when they come to the winery, we give them as much freedom as possible to express themselves. Every vintage is different, based on what the grapes need—macerations will vary in length and temperature, we do not inoculate with yeast, and we let the wines rest quietly in barrels.


The rolling foothills of the Oregon Coast Range serve as a backdrop to our hub of winemaking, which is nestled intimately among the vines of our Résonance Vineyard.

Located just west of the farming and wine community of Carlton, Oregon, the winery was built in 2018. Our wines are made, cellared, and bottled here on the estate. 


Inspired by the beauty of simplicity, the facility harnesses gravity-flow winemaking, allowing the juice to run naturally from the grapes, from the crush pad to fermentation vessel to barrel. During elévage, we use small fermentation tanks to verify the best of the terroir of our vineyards, block by block.

Each lot is aged in custom, handcrafted French oak barrels, chosen for the right tightness of grain as well as the soil in which the oak grew. We allow our wines to rest quietly—racking maybe only once—until they reach their purest expression and are then released.

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