“’Somewhereness’ is about a balance between the place itself, the right grape, and the human beings who have crafted this place. It is extremely appropriate for Résonance Vineyard.”

– Jacques Lardière, Winemaker at Résonance


From encouraging biodiversity on the vineyard floor to controlling crop yields for optimal ripening, we believe devoting ourselves to our vineyards through sustainable, hands-on viticulture is the first step in great winemaking. It is our commitment to Willamette Valley, combined with a sensibility and natural inquisitiveness developed over 170 years of winemaking in Burgundy, that defines our wines.

Map of Oregon with Résonance Winery & Tasting Room marked
Résonance Vineyard
Découverte Vineyard
Jolis Monts Vineyard
Koosah Vineyard

Résonance Vineyard

Résonance Vineyard is our signature estate vineyard and produces the benchmark single-vineyard Résonance Pinot Noir. Planted in 1981 the 20-acre vineyard is organically dry-farmed and situated in the Yamhill Carlton AVA on a south-facing slope between 262 and 492 feet in elevation. The nearby peaks of the Coast Range break apart rain clouds as they come in from the Pacific Ocean, an effect that has earned the nickname, the Carlton rip, and this forms a rain shadow that protects the grapes in the critical weeks before harvest.

Sustaining a massal selection of Pommard, Dijon 777, and Wädenswil Pinot Noir, the soils are predominantly ancient, submarine basaltic sediment—shallow and particularly fine, almost silt-like. Extruded many years ago, the marine basalts form some of the oldest soils in Willamette Valley, and we believe they are one of the reasons the Résonance Vineyard is capable of producing grapes of such immense character.


Découverte Vineyard

Located 10 miles from Résonance Vineyard in the Dundee Hills AVA, Découverte Vineyard is our second estate vineyard and offers another original expression of the Willamette Valley. The 18-acre property sits at 600 to 690 feet in elevation, and 15 acres are under vine, with 12.5 acres of Pinot Noir and 2.5 acres of Chardonnay. It has predominantly red volcanic Jory soils studded with golden-colored stones, and the resulting Pinot Noir grapes, a massal selection of Pommard, 777, Coury, and 96, are driven by red fruit and freshness.

The Dundee Hills AVA is where many of Oregon’s pioneering winemakers, such as Dick Erath and David Lett, first put down roots, and our Découverte Vineyard Pinot Noir builds upon this tradition by offering another original expression of the region’s terroir.



Our Jolis Monts property boasts rolling hills and over 70 acres planted to both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The blend of soils spanning from Marine Sedimentary Silt Loam to the clay-like Jory offers a sense of curiosity that has shown to grow what we are finding to be fresh and inviting young fruit.



Koosah Vineyard, located just 55 miles from the Pacific Ocean, is an 82 acre site that consists of 44 acres of vines, combining both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir planted on steep slopes ranging from 700 – 1100 feet in elevation. Most of the Eola-Amity Hills AVA soils are derived from Columbia River Basalts. These iron and manganese-rich flood basalts were extruded about 15 million years ago and covered much of what is now Oregon. Thee basalt flows were initially flat, but over time, plate tectonics and erosion have lifted and sculpted the basalt into the hills that make up the northern Willamette Valley today.  

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